Tack for Sale
Have the best tack for the best ride!
Our tack works for
us and we think it
will work for you
Medium Chain Bit...5" Sweet Iron Medium
Chain Link Mouthpiece, 6 1/2" Cheeks with
Gag Effect.  Gives your horse a little
warning going into a turn, with good lift and
flex action.  We like a chain curb strap for
good control.  Nice step-up bit for a young
Adjustible Reins....Waxed braided reins
adjust easily even after years of use.
They'll need stretched when you get them
and will loose the tacky feel soon after you
start using them.  Our reins come with
swivel snaps, not just one.
Looking for a saddle or other quality tack?
Widmer's Rock 'N Roll Arena has dealerships with the following companies.
Please notify us for catalog information.
~ Cactus Saddlery    ~ Ozark Leather
~ Infinity Saddlery    ~Lone Star Ropes
Curb  Chain....Our curb chains have
easy-adjust spring carbiner hooks.
Choke chain style chain lays flat for
comfort or can be twisted for more
We have a selection of Lone Star Ropes On Hand
Email Us for current inventory and price.
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