E.D.R.O. is an all-natural, environmentally safe,
highly palatable equine supplement that
eliminates noxious gases including ammonia,
sulfides and phenols from your horse's gut.  A
healthier gut supports maximum digestion for
better feed utilization and maximum oxygen
capacity for improved endurance.  

BREATHE EASIER:  Decreasing ammonia and
other noxious gases in the equine gut results in a
healthier environment in your barn and trailers.
E.D.R.O. reduces the risk of serious air quality
related health problems such as respiratory
disease, eye irritation, foal pneumonia and
confinement cough.
Great for your horses, inside
and out, and
great for you, too.
E.D.R.O. is a product of DPI
GLOBAL of Porterville, CA.
DPI GLOBAL is committed to
producing high-quality equine
products that are backed by
sound, scientific research.
Now available in a cost
effective 25# concentrate.  
Feed one scoop per day
per horse. 800 servings.