Portable or Permanent,  Indoor/Outdoor
Electric or Battery Powered
Systems to Mark Barrels,
, Goat Stakes & Timers

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Marking your barrel racing and pole bending patterns with
lasers means no more measuring, no more lost barrel stakes,
and much quicker drags!

Red dot lasers are good for indoor applications.  Our vivid
green dot lasers are great inside and necessary outdoors or in
covered arenas where there is a high level of natural light.

Our new portable systems
can be installed at any height
on just about any stable
surface.  You won't need a
lift or an electrician to install
these systems. We have
electric systems and battery powered systems, so you can
use them just about anywhere!  Just mark your pattern, point
the laser beams and tighten the special easy-adjust precision
mounts. Our instructions and video make installation a snap.

Mark your electric eyes with lasers, too! Just turn on your
system, place your barrels and you are ready to go!

Feel free to give us a call.  We'd be happy to help you choose
or design the perfect system for your unique needs!

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"These lasers make our drags so
much quicker and barrel setting
so much easier that I try to get
them installed in all the arenas we
go to."
Renee Bolling
Double B Productions
If you live in the
Southwest, check
out Spurrco's arms
for our barrel stake
 Email Dave
Spurr for more
Our Systems for
Barrel Racing, Pole
Bending and Goat
Tying were installed
at the Junior High
National Finals
Rodeo in Des
Moines.  The indoor
facility has lots of
natural light through
a clear ceiling, so
our green dot lasers
were the perfect
solution for hassle
free drags and no
lost barrel or pole
Vivid Green Dot Lasers
sizzle in broad daylight,
the dark of night,
even in a downpour!
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Deep River, IA 52222

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system quote,
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